I used to train there but moved away due to work. I would return but I am now handicapped to the point that I cant participate. I agree with all of the kind reviews here. Decena Sensei is the best! He can do it as well as teach it. I saw him win tournaments when he was ill and had a fever. Firm but fair, this is traditional Shotokan and you will be a better person for having trained there.


D.K. Dykes

Shotokan Karate Academy is the best place in The state of Texas to train for Shotokan Karate. My son started training with Shihan Decena when he was only 7 years old. He started to learn karate and put it in to practice by going to tournaments. We moved to San Antonio due to a job change where he continued to train. Last year, after my son earned his brown belt, we called Sensei Decena because we wanted my son to earn his black belt from Shotokan Karate Academy. We were coming to Arlington from San Antonio to bring my son to train with Shihan Decena, Sensei Angelo Decena  and Sensei David Asare several times per month. Although a long trip it was and continues to be well worth it. They were all fantastic role models and professional trainers at the same time. We also attended competitions all over Texas and always placed in each tournament with the great preparation provided by USKDA. My son earned his first degree black belt last summer and continues to train and visit every time we go to Arlington. Great Academy and great people. We will always have a special place in our hearts for Shotokan Karate Academy Arlington.

Marissa Jepson

Been here off and on since 2010. The staff have been incredible. They work with you, treat you as their own and never take advantage of their students. Shihan Jorge Decena is a decent, caring and giving man and he truly sees the karate students as family. I would highly suggest this place for anyone wanting solid traditional training!

John Singleton
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