USKDA is affiliated with the Texas Sport Karate Federation (TSKF) that coordinates tournaments year round. TSKF is affiliated with the National Karate Federation (NKF) and all tournaments follow NKF and Word Karate Federation (WKF) rules.

Important Information about Tournaments:

  • Before you register for a tournament, please inform the front office so USKDA can send appropriate coaching officials with the students.
  • The events include all age groups from ages 5 to adults.
  • The categories are decided based on the age,rank and experience of the participants. Experience levels include Beginner, Novice, Intermediate,Advanced and Elite.
  • Please contact the front office before registration if you are unsure of the appropriate event experience level of a participant.
  • All advanced participants 12 years and above are ranked by TSKF. Visit the TSKF site for more details on the ranking system and points awarded.
  • TSKF organizes a National Qualifier Tournament once a year in May. Please contact USKDA front office if you are interested to participate in National and International events.
  • TSKF is run by volunteers including judges, referees, coaches, and scorers among others. All the judges are part of the TSKF organization and are represented from all over the state. All officials must be Certified and Licensed by the USA National Karate Federation.