Competition Team

Our competition team participates in tournaments all around the year. All these students go through rigorous training planned for competing at the State and National level. The classes include Kata and Kumite . Competition team members have to demonstrate the will to learn, improve and achieve at the highest levels.

Following is our 2019 Competition team including students at all levels and ages.

  • Sofia Hernandez
  • Tanner Mccorvey
  • Sean Leasure
  • Aiden Cherry
  • Estrella Alvizu
  • Eden Levya
  • David Kowlanoski
  • Ammar Khan
  • Isaac Ortiz
  • Khaiden Wills
  • Larry Alvizu
  • Davion Levya
  • Miguel Teran
  • Isaiah Harrison
  • Carlos Granados
  • Noe Angels
  • Michael Mangrum
  • Juan Pablo Donquis
  • Mellisa Granados
  • Judith Trejo